Is it possible to improve a great product? Yes!


That’s why we are constantly working on developing new products and improving existing ones.

We’ve succeeded in doing that with the new MCP diamond grinder:

  • High grinding performance from the first to the last working step
  • Impressive feel due to soft and smooth grinding
  • For use on zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations, as well as all other kind of ceramics
  • Very little heat development on the material
  • Two grain sizes for more flexibility
  • Available in different shapes
  • 1-piece, 6-piece or 100-piece packs

New high performance ceramics require new technologies. Our MCP diamond grinders are precisely tailored to provide strong removal with soft, smooth grinding.

Low heat generation to avoid micro-cracks and chipping.
Durability and high strength to ensure a long service life.
Available in 8 different shapes and 2 diamond grain sizes.

Convince yourself and request your free info package. Experience a new generation of ceramic diamond grinders.


Convince yourself and request your free info package.

Categories for a comparative evaluation of grinders


Service life/Durability

How long can the grinder be used?

Thermal behavior

How little heat is generated during processing?


How deep are the grinding grooves (a smoother surface after grinding means less effort when polishing)?

Removal per time period

How quickly is the material removed?

Further information


The shank, below the working part, is sanded and have a matte surface. This valorize the product and sets it apart from all other ceramic grinders.

The wheel 15 x 3.5 diameter disc (shape number 155) is only available in a mounted version and has now the shape number 159.

The wheel ø 22 x 4.5 mm (shape 210) and the disc ø 22 x 2.1 mm (213) have been combined in a new shape called 219 (ø 22 x 3 mm).

The packaging units have been adapted. They are now available in 1-piece and 6-pieces units.

Convince yourself and request your free info package.