The Panther

From pros for pros: With our premium Panther line for smooth, shiny surfaces, we deliver genuine high-end instruments for a perfect result: a precisely designed two-stage finish provides optimum brilliance!

Smooth. Shiny. Panther!

Never before have the possibilities offered by modern all-ceramics been as diverse as they are today. Requirements are constantly growing – besides perfection, there’s a demand for a high degree of flexibility. With our Panther series, you have the right solution for all users: a premium finish for meeting the highest demands.

„High-End Premium Instruments from Professionals for Professionals“

Carsten Fischer, Sirius Ceramics

Complete range for every indication

Whether monolithic or partially veneered zirconium, glass ceramic in fine structure or conventional veneering ceramic – the high-end products of the Panther line are the first choice for every indication. Perfectly harmonized geometries and the extraordinary characteristics of the high-performance instruments reach the finest of parts, resulting in an immaculate high gloss. This is surface treatment at the highest level with values that were previously considered unattainable in implant prosthetics!

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